The Sexy Six Pack

The Sexy Six Pack


Receive all six Spice Bandit products with this Sexy Combo Pack! This awesome set includes not only our yummy goods, but also little recipes on how we do it! From the marinade to grilling tips, we've got you covered! To make it better, Spice Bandit includes a surprise gift in your pack as well as FREE SHIPPING! Enjoy! 


Our Combo Pack features: 

  • Original BBQ Sauce
  • Honey Dijon BBQ Sauce
  • Original BBQ Rub 
  • Pork Rub Pack
  • Bandit's Blend Pack (great on veggies and fish--use sparingly) 
  • Applewood Chicken Rub Pack 
  • Free Shipping will be applied for this item only at checkout. Spice Bandit ships through a third party shipping company--which locates the best price for your location. Shipping is covered by the customer and will be added to your bill when you check out. Please allow a few days for your item to ship--we take a little time to make sure your sauces and rubs are done to perfection before sending them off.

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