Sly Spice Collection

Sly Spice Collection


The 'Sly Spice Collection' features all six of our award winning dry rubs and blends.


  • Original BBQ Rub 
  • Spicy Bandit Blend
  • Spicy Pepper Blend 
  • Pork Rub 
  • Chicken Rub 
  • Steak Blend


Original BBQ Rub (Award winning classic! Great for all meats!)
Chicken Rub (great with chicken and salmon)

Steak Blend (enough said ;) )

Salty Bandit (created for veggies and fish... mmmm)
Spicy Pepper Blend (magical... a cajun-esq blend-wonderful on shrimp, wings... we even add it to our soup!) 

Pork Rub (for our pork lovers... greatness awaits you!) 


  • Spice Bandit ships through a third party shipping company--which locates the best price for your location. Shipping is covered by the customer and will be added to your bill when you check out. Please allow a few days for your item to ship--we take a little time to make sure your sauces and rubs are done to perfection before sending them off. Free shipping only applies to marked items.

  • Spice Bandit does not accept returns. Contact Spice Bandit directly if your product is damaged in the mail and we will get it fixed for you.