Our Story


Spice Bandit, Kansas City’s newest Sauces and Rubs company, is the newest addition to a lifetime of love and food. These delectable delights are more than just superb sauces though - they are part of a deep Kansas City tradition, and the legacy of a saucy love story. 

35 years ago, Paul Boone applied for a job at Wileys Restaurant, run by the Mosburg family. During the interview, the enterprising young man had a chance encounter with the owner’s daughter, Patty Mosburg. He was instantly smitten. She was not.

When both of them ended up attending the University of Kansas, fate saw fit to have them MEAT again. 

Yes, meat. The two discovered a shared passion for grilled meats, and soon enough, the duo was competing together under the name Rock Chalk Jayhawk BBQ. 

It was not long before Rock Chalk Jayhawk BBQ began winning awards, including: the Kansas City Barbeque Society Rookie of the Year title, The Lenexa Kansas State contest, the American Royal Open, the American Royal Invitational, the American Royal Side Dish contest and the Jack Daniels’s World Championship contest. 

Following up on their success with Rock Chalk Jayhawk BBQ, the couple decided to open up Pickering’s Pub. Their menu included many of their award winning recipes such as smoked pulled pork, baby back ribs, hand cut steaks, homemade signature soups, homemade tenderloins, and always homemade salad dressings, sauces, and rubs. The couple later opened up the Pick Smoke & Grill, which continued to feature their remarkable talents. 

After a six year hiatus, the Boone family-- now including their brilliant and beautiful daughters, Maggie and Emily--met the intrepid puppy, Bandit Barnabas Boone. 


Inspired by this puppy's stalwart heart and mischievous antics, the Boone clan set out to share their homemade sauces and rubs with the world. To this end, they created Spice Bandit - so that everyone can sneak a little bit of spice into their cooking! 

Spice Bandit products will be available for purchase this Spring. You can follow their adventures on Facebook and Instagram at @spicebanditkc. Learn more about how these savory swashbucklers are stealing the hearts of America!